I Forgot!

I cook a LOT. Like, twice a day a lot. Usually it’s pretty good stuff, I ain’t so bad a cook if I do say so myself. Or, ya know, sometimes it’s a miss. Such as my first attempt at having people over and feeding them (think, raw chicken and quickly ordered pizza, oops!). And then, on glorious and rare occasions, I concoct something so fabulously bangin’, that my husband actually brags about the meal at a later date to the mother-in-law! Whoa.

Sadly I’m typically into my third or so glass of the good stuff during these moments of culinary genius, and somehow I never seem to recall what the heck I did. Or I eventually forget I even made it in the first place, so that meal is gone, never to be seen or attempted again.

So here will be recorded some awesome freaking food to be remembered at a future date.



I like to eat and drink and take long romantic walks around Target

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